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The VCU1220 is a fully programmable, ruggedized embedded control module intended for use in a variety of system and vehicle control applications. User applications are given full access to system resources and peripherals with an easy-to-use hardware abstraction written in C++.

A number of input and output stages provide the discrete interface with the larger system. Two CAN 2.0B ports and one RS485 port are fully configurable to allow for communication with other devices. Each port includes a software selectable termination resistor for maximum system flexibility. User applications are programmed onto the device using the CAN1 or CAN2 interface and the VCU1220 bootloader, which can be accessed via the Stafl Systems Bootloader Utility.


  • 48 Pin Ruggedized Embedded Control Module
  • Fully Programmable with User Application Code
  • 32-bit ARM M4F Microprocessor
  • Up to 80 MHz Clock
  • Hardware Floating Point Unit
  • 256 kB of Flash
  • 32 kB of RAM
  • 9 Digital Inputs
  • 4 Analog Inputs (12-bit resolution)
  • 2 5V Full Scale Range
  • 2 30V Full Scale Range
  • 3 Thermistor Inputs
  • 11 Low Side Relay Driver Outputs
  • 5 High Side Driver Outputs
  • 2 CAN 2.0B Communication Interfaces
  • 1 RS485 Communication Interface
  • Off-processor Real Time Clock with Power Backup
  • 2 MB of Additional Off-processor Flash
  • Internal MicroSD Card Option
  • PWM Generation Capability
  • Quadrature Encoder Input Capability
  • Internally Generated 5V Power Output for External Sensors and Devices
  • Suitable for 12V or 24V Nominal Systems
  • ESD and Voltage Rail Surge Protection
  • IP67 Rated Enclosure


Parameter Conditions Min Typical Max Units
Power Input Voltage 7 32 V
Input Current 15 mA
Operating Temperature Range -40 85 °C
Driver Output Current 3 800 mA
Ingress Protection IP67
Device Mass 415 g

Typical System Diagram

Vehicle Control Unit VCU1220 Systems Diagram

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