Battery Management System Monitor Unit

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The BMS1101S Battery Management System Monitor is designed to be used within an array of other BMS1101S Monitors and a Master BMS Controller (e.g. BMS1000M) to form a high accuracy Battery Management System. Data and commands are transmitted and received via CAN 2.0B interface which connects these units. Get accurate State of Health, State of Charge and Safe Operating Envelope data for your battery pack.

The BMS1101S Battery Management System Monitor measures the voltages of 6 – 12 series connected battery cells, and can apply a 22Ω shunt resistor across each battery cell to bleed off excess charge (passive balancing). The BMS1101S also measures the resistance of up to 12 thermistors to determine cell temperatures.

BMS Features

  • 12 Cell Battery Monitor with Passive Balancing
  • Switchable 22Ω Shunt Resistor for Each Cell
  • 12 Thermistor Input Channels
  • 12/24V Nominal Compatible Power Input
  • CAN 2.0B Communication Port
  • DIP Switch for Setting Stack Address
  • DIP Switch to Enable CAN Termination Resistor
  • 1000V Isolation Between Accessory and Cell Voltage Domains
  • Convenient Narrow Form Factor

BMS Specifications

Parameter Conditions Min Typical Max Units
Input Power
System 12V/24V Input Voltage 7 12 / 24 32 V
System 12V/24V Input Current Active Mode 10 15 25 mA
BMS Battery Monitoring
Cell Voltage 0 4.75 V
12 Cell Stack Voltage 14 57 V
Quiescent Battery Current Input Power Off 3.6 10 μA
Cell Voltage Measurement Error 1.4 mV
General System
Accessory – Battery Domain Isolation Voltage 1000 V
Operating Temperature -35 80 °C

Typical System Diagram

Battery Management System BMS System Diagram

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